Space Applications

One of our major areas of expertise at Brandt Electronics is designing and implementing space-worthy power supplies, conforming to the extreme volume and weight restrictions of spacecraft.

In recent years, we have studied the need in space applications for distributed power architectures. Current DSCC certified modules are falling behind the state of the art and it is Brandt's goal to design updated replacements.

Brandt can integrate hybrid modules where applicable or design the converters with discreet components when necessary. In many cases, hybrid modules have yet to embrace synchronous rectification, whereas Brandt designs do, resulting in greater inherent efficiency. Additionally, Brandt has found that in-house surface mount technology allows us to respond to customer changes mid-program without compromising schedule or budget.

Brandt presently has been investigating the following trends in space power electronics:

  • Distributed architecture
  • Hybridization
  • New chipset/radiation hardening
  • Modular design
  • Digital power supply control
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