Brandt Electronics is veteran-owned small business founded in 1979 to address the need for quality military power supplies. In the past, our company specialized in custom designs requiring intensive engineering. In 1993, the company began making investments to broaden its product lines, entering the markets for VME and high voltage power supplies for TWTs, Klystrons, and other complex system applications.

We have designed and manufactured over 350 different products, with over 20,000 total units shipped. Our products are built to meet the critical performance demands of aerospace, shipboard, ground-based, human-carried, and underwater systems.

Brandt is now involved in several multi-year procurements for major programs including the AWACS COTS initiative, the first major weapons system upgrade using COTS. Other projects powered by quality Brandt equipment include AWACS radar systems, MILSTAR and Global Hawk, as well as the F-3, F-14, F-16, F-22, DMS, ALQ-194, MMP, RSIP, and P3I.