DC/DC Power Supplies

  •   Ruggedized Design
  •   High Efficiency
  •   Low Ripple/Noise Parameters
  •   High Reliability
  •   Low Cost
  •   Output Voltages Adjustable ±0.5V
  •   Typical Operating Frequency of 250kHz
  •   SEM-E Available
  • Typical Parameters

    Input Voltages   28VDC or 270VDC per MIL-STD-704 (other inputs available)
    Output Voltages   Single and multiple, 1.5-28VDC
    Output Power   >100W
    Output Regulation   ±1%
    Output Ripple   50-250mV
    Efficiency   >80% depending on number of outputs
    EMI   Internal filtering provided


    Please click here for a copy of the Brandt DC/DC Power Supply Catalog.