Build-to-Print & Contract Manufacturing

Our professional assembly, integration, and testing facilities are fully capable of high quality, responsive production of your designs within your budget and time constraints.

One of Brandt's major areas of expertise is Build-to-Print. Many of our customers are no longer able to support the detail-intensive work of manufacturing, testing, and integrating their own power supplies. Brandt engineering staff can evaluate your design and system requirements, offer feedback to improve performance, and reduce your costs. Our production team will ensure that your requirements are met in a timely and cost-effective manner with built-in quality and reliability. Our MRP system, manufacturing processes, and automated tests are fully capable of high volume production, integration, and testing for all of your power supply needs.

During the process of manufacturing your units, our personnel will notify you immediately should we encounter any major manufacturing obstacles. These will be resolved with your approval prior to completing the work at hand. Additionally, we will collaborate with you on changes to assembly or test procedures to improve the manufacturability of your power supplies

Please click here for an example of Brandt Build-to-Print manufacturing.